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Soviet-themed Bar crawl photography/writing community and contest.

RUSSIA! Magazine (http://www.readrussia.com) and The Lomographic Society (http://www.lomography.com) have an assignment for you, should you choose to accept it.

The Russian Bar Crawl Photo Competition We’ll Drink to That!

1. Go to a Russian-themed drinking establishment anywhere in the world (except Russia or the former Soviet union). This can be a kitschy “Soviet”-themed bar or simply one that has a connection to Russian culture through its owner, décor, or clientele. The interpretation is up to you.

2. Spend an evening at the establishment documenting your experience with any Lomographic or other analog camera. Take photos of the interior, the bartender and the patrons that you meet.

3. Join the community and tell us in pictures and words what is interesting, unique and uniquely Russian about both the place itself and your experience of it. The format is up to you. Tell us a story and show a few pictures. Or tell a story with no pictures. Or show a photo gallery without a story. Tell us a true story or a fictional one. You make the call. Ultimately, we’re looking for one thing: the world’s most compelling tales and shots of real or imagined Soviet-themed bars of the past, present, or future.

The Prize:

Submit your best photos and stories right here on Live Journal, and we'll award an LC-A+ every month to the best photo and story entry, and a DianaF+ every 2 weeks to a photo or story entry that really stands out from the pack. So get your camera, get creative, and don't think, just drink!