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Join and win, the Glass commands you!

Greetings, Comrades and Welcome to the Russian Bar Crawl Photo Competition!

The GlassOf all iconic objects of the Soviet era — the orb of the Sputnik, the needle of the Ostankino TV tower — none speaks to the Russian heart as clearly and loudly as the Glass. As to what it says, well, take a guess: with a volume of exactly 250 grams, the Glass happens to divide the equally classic 750-gram bottle of vodka evenly between three friends. Hence, the whispered invitation heard daily around every Soviet liquor store: "Третьим будешь?" (Wanna be the third one?)

The LomoAnd so, we invite you to include an analog camera with your preferred drinking accessories and join us in the merriment of the Russian Bar Crawl Competition. Check out our Contest Rules below, participate in some artful debauchery and adventure, join our community and display your finds to the world! (Oh, and did we mention that you can win really cool cameras?)

We will soon be posting the winning entries from our past contest. These entries will be published in RUSSIA! magazine and you will be able to view their full galleries exclusively here at the Russian Bar Crawl Competition community page.

Join and win, the Glass commands you!

For more on the Glass, read RUSSIA!'s article HERE.

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