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As promised, RUSSIA! magazine and The Lomographic Society present the winners of the first Soviet Bar Crawl competition. Thank you all for participating and we hope to see more from you here on LiveJournal. The grand prize winner will be featured across four pages of the Fall 2008 issue of RUSSIA! and receive an LC-A+, a DianaF+, and a Horizon Perfekt.. Each of the four runners-up will be featured across two pages of RUSSIA! and receive a LC-A+ and a DianaF+.

And now it's your turn! Join us. Submit your best photos and stories right here on Live Journal and RUSSIA! and The Lomographic Society will award an LC-A+ every month to the best photo and story entry, and a DianaF+ every 2 weeks to a photo or story entry that really stands out from the pack. So get your camera, get creative, and don't think, just drink!

Full contest rules HERE.
RUSSIA! Fall 2008 featuring our winners and more - available soon!

The grand prize winner:

Les Nouveaux Russes & Doucha Bar in Brussels by maxpinckers

Runners up:

MOSKVA in Copenhagen by larslau

KGB Bar in New York City by MaudGonne

Bar Revolution in London by matt charnock

Soviet-related hoopla at Zum dicken Heinrich
Hotel and Restaurant in Luedersfeld, Germany by graefin

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